me vs waitress no. 1 & 2 @ DQ Julius

Hi do you want to order?
Yes please, can i have a pepperoni hotdog and another beef bacon hotdog?
Okay. U want the set?
Erm, no thanks, just the hotdogs will do.

*waitress no. 1 flips over menu pointing to the "hotdog" section*

so which ones u want?
pepperoni and beef bacon.

*waitress no. 1 fiddles with cash register machine*

pepperoni and beef bacon -__-
U want beef or chicken?
HUh? oh erm beef.

*waitress no. 1 moves away...waitress no. 2 take over cash register*

which hotdogs u want?

*me turns around resting chin on baybee's shoulder and complaining to him while donkee takes over and orders*

Pepperoni and beef bacon

me to baybee : JKFH HDFljhkhdifgehfk!!HLH!J!HGK i told them so many times!!!!!!!!
baybee to me : shhh shhhhh shhhh *rubs me head*

Chicken or beef?

*waitress No. 2 fiddles with cash register*

Thank you, Its XXX ringgit. I deliver to u
Okay,Thank you.

Thank god i had baybee to calm me or i would have stormed off to chillis for Mac and Cheese *squints*

This is how efficient some of services provided by Malaysian F&B chains are. I get so frustrated ordering from the people at DQ EVERYTIME without fail..but i still go back to them for hotdogs cos they ARE pretty good. Hahaha.

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