someone is dying for attention..i just had to show some respect

!!!Sometimes in life u meet certain people whom u think are worth your time. You give your heart, give your trust to certain people. You give your honest opinions...personal advices from past experiences in hoping that it would be somewhat useful to the situations they are in. You ASSUME that they are sincere just as you are. One god-knows-whether-its true-or-not side to a story exposed to u. u analyse and accept it. It's basically none of your business but because you felt that urge of wanting to lend your helping hand and also to clarify lil bits of information you had beforehand that you were curious about. Then...u find out that what u have been told was twisted and covered up with what others are exposed to. Not literally, but the story about the process of the initial sharing of information was..."twisted". Anger. Hatred. Not from you, but from those who shared. You know nothing about what happened in between to have caused those negative vibes from the other party. But whatever was it that happened, you never saw that coming. Never. All you know is that you have just been insulted and accused afterwards by them. you are talking personal attacks.

So...what have u got to say about the situation now?

You are sure you have never done anything against your conscience or any sort of acts that betrayed the other party. You have nothing to hide. You are clear of what you have said and is so sure that what the other party have said about you is not true. You know you are right. So you thought of exposing the whole truth, all that has been shared, the good and bad information that would humiliate that other party to defend yourself. But, there are other people involved. People who are innocent and people whom u cared about enough who were also the sole reason why you even bothered about the whole issue in the first place. People who are not worth the humiliation. People whom you called a FRIEND.

Not going to be judgmental of what that is not even my business in the first place, and i don't know enough to be telling you what to do. For that, i apologize for having wasted my time. I apologize if there were any missunderstandings in between, but I'm not bothered about it anymore.

To the other people concern in this issue, there are two faced people out there in this world, this fact we cannot erase. You will know what is best for you and who you should trust. I'm not implying anything, I could be the two-faced one to you too.

Oh and also to the one who made me write this entry, Thanks for adding a lil drama down at the chatterbox. (I finally realised who it was hahaha...oh wait, I'm just assuming...maybe its not u or just one of the other people whom I've offended along the way) Don't let that anger of yours out on me, don't hold all your grudges against me, I'm not worth your time. And I don't deserve it. Grow up. All the best in your future undertakings and take care. *winks*

oh n wahh didn't know i got potential to become model leh?? Maybe i should start working on that camwhoring huh? picture editing? maybe not? oh yeah I'll start working on my "trust" issues first yea?

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