of noodles and hairclips

today was such a tiring day

decided to walk back to the main block for lunch to accompany pek wah and in a way support her on her mission. *winks* All the best yea girl!

Anyways we didnt end up walking all the way back to the mainblock (Thank god!!! my feet was killing me) but somewhere nearer for lunch, had Ban Mee after a long time. Used to crave for Ban Mee every now and then. Today's was not bad. Hmm actually i should say it was not very good because I have a liking for sucky Ban Mee. Sucky Ban Mee to the rest of the world is Ban Mee that's thick, not very cooked and well, just slightly harder la....Ban Mee as such are supposed to be sucky...but not to me coz i like my noodles hard. (sounded a bit wrong) Same goes for my Maggi noodles...i cannot take the uber soggy ones that apparently alot of people i know lurve...i drop my noodles in the pot before the water boils and take em out immediately when the bubbles from the boiling water emerge so my noodles will not be too soggy. I wonder how many others out there do the same? or am i just plain weird? I am really particular when it comes to noodles couse i love noodles....every bite of any noodle dish i take has to have that unique texture...i love noodles that are springy, chewy and are long enough for me to slurp...which reminds me of that time when i ate that bowl of miserably short yee mee from UOA last monday. awful. Im a pasta barrel ok.

Tutorials today was abit slow...played Mafia. Poor me was "killed" in the second round...haha but it was soo much more fun to observe the clueless people playing the game.

was a bit bored yesterday so i decided to take some pictures of something.

Target for the day : my pretty hair clip + my gigantic foot

notice how the colour of the ground is not exactly very flattering with the pretty lilac hue on me hair clip...aiyark

step into the light

the colour of the hair clip and my toe polish colours are so pretty :)

so pretty!! the colours that is...not my foot...the toe polish has been on for quite some time thats why its so cacated....

Personally i don't really like metalic-coloured kinda polish..feels like Im back in those days when i first discovered nail polish when i use em. haha but I've ran outta colours to use and this old bottle still had some polish left. errr...at least it made my pictures pretty. *grins*

Have yet to start on my Biopsych essay :( will start researching tomorrow. i promise.....myself.

Buhbye *waves goodbye and bounces off to bed*

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