my courses in mandarin

Back in primary or secondary school during exam periods, granny would always ask me this question when she sees me studying..

theng yat hao mat yeh? [what papers are you having tmr?]

back in those times there was no problem translating the names of those subjects to cantonese and explain it to her...

the translation part became more n more difficult since i started foundation.

few days back, i was asked a similar question

bai yat hao mat yeh? [what paper are you having on Monday?]

then i stopped for a while....



and i can't seem to find a proper way to describe to her the courses I'm enrolled in currently.

so i end up saying

Aiyahh!! psychology la.

granny : -__-

since I'm feeling lame now, will study the chinese names of my courses so that i can give her satisfying answers in future hahaha

well, i have the lighter purple text is my translation of the name while the ones in darker purple are direct translations that are VERY ACCURATE thank you :)

Advanced Research Methodology
(direct translation in canto)

(direct translation in mandarin)

Conflict Resolution
(direct translation in mandarin)

Human Services
(direct translation in mandarin)

Quantitative Methods
(direct translation in mandarin)


i tried my best!

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