post-exam stress

was supposed to be sleeping by 1 but was on the phone talking and chatting with the beloved :)

I can't seem to sleep thinking and worrying about how badly i did for the last paper of my second year as a psychology student.

I damn don't like biopsych ok!

need some conflict resolution between biopsych and i...if i fail *grabs and squeezes tightly on anything made outta wood* this course...

the conflict between us will really escalate.

because i face cognitive rigidity, bias, selective perception towards BIO and i have an unwitting will to hold on to my old behaviors and perception about BIO.

there will be little chances of our conflict becoming matured.

4 am after all the examinations and i'm still speaking theories and shit from all the different subjects.

I need to voluntarily approach any center or human service providers who are accepting, patient, have loads on empathy towards me, believes in the capacity of change in me, who would also have a sense of humor, has the capacity to deal with ambiguity and risks when working with me...

hmm...i wonder what are the available resources in the Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur area to me?


before that, i should run a study on myself about

the effects of examination on behavior of z y e n n

Iv will be exam, no exams

Dv will be behavior, with normal, omgshescrazy

hypotheses will be...

the michelle in no exam conditions would display normal behaviors.
the michelle in exam conditions would display omgshescrazy behaviors.

this would be regression right? because i'm trying to predict if the existence of examination would determine the kinda behavior i would display post exam.

this should be linear regression isit? hmm whatever..don't remember.

but oh wait! my sample would definitely not be normally distributed so i can't run regression on my data...Booo hoo hooo...

nvm, i'll just carry out a qualitative study then.

After determining whether or not there are significant effects then i'll consider going to a Human service centre.

ok enough of crap. time to sleep.

before that, we studied so much bout classical conditioning with Uncle Pavvie and his Dog, but have we look at the study from the Doggie's perspective?

(, 2003)

Doggie might have been classically conditioning Uncle Pavvie! heh.

i know its 430 am, i'm going to sleep soon! i need to reference my source k....... (2003). Cartoon, Pavlov's dog. Retrieved December 15, 2007 from the World Wide Web :'s%20dogs.gif

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