i used to be very into cooking and baking but i never had the time to do so.

This holidays...i cooked and baked....

3 fruit flans
one for mike, fung min, alex, another for weeebleness and one more for the family :)


the bigass one!

the top one for the family and bottom one for baybee!

tried adding in strawberries at the sides but the cake didn't look neat.

one big ass cake for 3 "tweenteen" (loo, 2007) year old people.

2 rounds of mash potatoes

once for bbq and another round for Christmas dinner. I'm still craving for mash potatoes...

Marinated and Barbecued chicken wings, grilled lamb, beef strips and sausages for bbq
love love love the marinade!

3 rounds of Vegetarian, Chicken & Beef Quesadillas
because i want to make better Fajita quesadillas than chillis'.

Spanish Rice
because i have a thing for flavored rice.

Spinach Soup

for Christmas dinner and because I love mum's spinach soup and i wanna replicate it.

Pasta Alfredo
For Christmas dinner, well it was supposed to Alfredo style...

Pasta Carbonara

to feed my hungry brother

other stuff i wanna make before the holiday ends....

cheese cake - cotton cheese cake and american cheese cake
pastry - my last attempt at croissant making bout 4 years ago was a failure :(
brownies - weeeee wang wang

notice that all the food I'm interested in making are UNHEALTHY?

i love watching AFC!!!

but its making me experiment with cooking unhealthy food.

i cooked so much of stuff i don't have much pictures to show it! sadness...

i gotta go look for recipes now

no time to blog lalala

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