Belated Christmas. Expectations. Dissapointments.

i know its over but i have pics...

Brother and i decided to go by XXX during Christmas eve, him to meet his buds and i, to meet my baybweeweeble. Heard there will be fireworks @ XXX...

Its been ages since i last drop by XXX and everytime, without fail..i enter that mall feeling all excited (because i seldom go there) but leave that mall feeling disgusted and annoyed.

Bro and i were trying to count the amount of lalamuis we saw that night, but not long after we started counting we decided that it was easier to count the amount of those who were not lala..*giggles*

The lights were real pretty but the people who were there...*speechless*

most of the people we saw at the jockey area were jumping around screaming and foaming each other up with their super cool 10 bucks for 4 bottles of foam confetti. LAME!!!

felt quite angry yet sad for those people who were having their fun spraying foam confetti on each other and thinking..yea, thats how Christmas is supposed to be celebrated. *shrugs*

anyways we left the place even before midnight to somewhere more civilised and tong sui with our dear friend Jesus to celebrate his Birthdaee. *winks at baybee*

Time for some random pics...

This was taken at some church in Taman Sinar or something...

The food selection was very dissapointing..

Fondueeeeeeeee *grins* yummy!

i know i'm not supposed to play with leftovers but what can i do? lick up the choc? haha

lil maoble and weeble...Yummierrrrrr!!!!!!! *drools*

something else thats random...

i feel pissed. a little pissed. no wait, damn pissed? i dunno whatever. Sometimes i wonder if i have signs all over me telling ppl to *coughcoughcough* me. It sucks and it happens all the time. All the damn time. And it always happens to meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. i hate it. hate it so much.

i dunno what am i angry over already la. ish!

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