girly tags

had the urge to make name tags for my team members...

got home from meeting and straight away headed for my artblock and stationeries and drew lil hearts ( i sound damn girly)

snip snapped...drew and colored a lil bit and here they are! the girly name tags for my fellow mentors.

then i hands were shaking because i was damn hungry. I can't help the sudden "semangat" of finishing up those name tags.

suddenly feel so exicted to go to JINJANG.

(they will laugh at me when i fall on stage)

mum says i've got nothing better to do...when i actually have an ass annoying me right now *squints*

Oh btw, watched the highlights for Malaysia Cup 2006 on STAR SPORTS.

Congratulations PERLIS!!! Woohooo~! .............. ROFL

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