I know what i did this raya

Went by one of my mum's friend's place on the second day of raya. She lives in an area i never knew existed...so freaking far!!!

This was snapped along the way to her place.

After the visit, we went by KL Hilton & Le Meridian to check out the place.

This was part of the deco @ Le Meridian's Lounge.

These two are pics of the Lounge @ KL Hilton.
simple yet classy deco of Le Meridian.
Pretty fishies of KL Hilton.

Had dinner at the Lebanese restaurant of Le Meridian and my camera ran outta battery before i could snap any pics of that awesome place. The interior was simply *drops jaw*.

The waiters/waitresses/chefs were so nice and friendly haha somehow felt like royalty dining there. *curses camera battery* The food however was so-so...i prefer the Lebanese food at Tarbush@ Starhill...there were more variety of authentic Lebanese food and flavours @ Tarbush while this place emphasizes more on fusion styled cooking. Hmm what else do i have to say about this place...OOOh! There was a belly dancer performing that night from table to table *winks*. They just started the belly dancing performances that night itself when we were there....lucky us. *grins* The belly dancer was dancing about only 3 feet away from me ok haha, felt like i was in a strip club or something! *ngeks* Felt so inspired watching her move...i wanna learn belly dancing and dance like her! *bounces about*

I'd definitely recommend this place to those who enjoy experimenting with food and meat lovers. Gosh those Lebanese sure eat alot of meat! The portions of meat in the set meal were freaky!! so please share :) Somehow this place reminded me of Carnaval @ Dj...because that restaurant also serves damn alot of meat!

*munches on celery* I still need my vegetables in my meals thank you...

Oh there's only one thing that i have to ramble about this place, the waiters misled us into thinking that they do not serve sky juice so he opened 2 bottles of Evian for us....best part was those 2 bottles of evian cost 60 bucks...blergh *curses camera again* i could have taken so many nice pictures of the food! ish ish!

We drove the Klassique Beau the whole day around town.

.:when randomness strikes:.

Introducing : My fake smile

Purpose of introducing my fake smile is because i always get comments from friends that their first impression of me is that I'm arrogant and "lanci". I guess because i don't smile much to strangers...but that doesn't mean im arrogant does it? I can't help having the "face" ok..blergh...(agree, tiff and ming zi??? )

So...Yes this is my mug face. Yes i am smiling. Yes i look damn cute. and YES that Smile is Fake! SO if u ever catch my smiling to u like that, donb't smile back....because in my mind, I'm either thinking of ways to avoid u or cursing because i am forced to smile at u. So I'm indirectly trying to signal to you that i do not like smiling at you when i smile to you as per picture.

SeEEEEEeeeeeee, thats why its much better if i show u my "lanci" "action" face when i see u rather than this face..at least I'm not being fake when i'm showing you my so called "lanci" face...I'm not being lanci either! ergh..I'm just being me. I would look like an idiot smiling like that to everyone wouldn't i? yes? no? whatever la

I AM damn lanci ok? fine?

*cough* nayh, erm i was just kidding...the whole paragraph above this line was pure crap and my smile is damn genuine ok thats why i sooooo love showing off my smile. *grins*

-_- bla bla bla.

Okies enough of crap..i shall end this entry with a not so friendly and nice to see picture of THE Donkee and THE Doinkee...

Lanci-ing you we are. BLEAK! ( i want to sniff him right now now now! *merajuks*)

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