Movie Marathon

Another Movie Marathon has come n gone...

and like the previous year, it was a blast. Love spending time with those little girls rekindling our friendship since lower sec school. I somehow always feel like a kid when i'm around them hehe and its not a bad thing!

Had lunch at Italiannies because it was a Wednesday and they have the never ending bowls of pasta promo every wed. I was so stuffed. Went around shopping for a bit after that and i just had to spend some money despite being damn broke. Was dissapointed however cos i didn't get to buy that XJHHHFb that i wanted from KJKFHUKE. *sulks* So after i finally managed to convince myself that i AM going to be broke, we headed to Giant to grab a few bottles of booze and headed back to Sook Yeen's "crib".

Once i stepped outta her car, i had to go on a treasure hunt in yeen's damn big house. Those girls sure put in alot of effort to make sure i get all cranky and confused about reading the maps and finding clues. And i bet they had alot of fun laughing at the "lost" me. Thanks girls :) They are the sweetest and cutest friends i tell u. So yea this was what i found at the end of the map. A treasure chest! *bounces around like a kid*

This chest is supposed to be my birthdae gift from the girls :) It's handmade by touched >.<
This is the inside of the chest, where my treasure lies *winks*

Movie marathon officially started around 4 pm and here are the movies we've watched in the 24 hours chilling at Sook Yeen's damn big room.

Loved this movie though it was abit slow and long. Believe it or not i have not watch this before *blushes*. Tom Hanks did a fantastic job in it.

We watched this while having dinner because it was something light and funny. The donkey in the movie cracks me up everytime i watch this, but he is no where near my donkee's ability to make me laugh.

Vat picked this and it was my 4th time watching it. We all agreed that Han should not have been killed in the movie because we like him. Vat kept going "why isn't she dead? why aren't they killing her?" throughout the movie because she and i agree that Neela's voice was annoying. Nevertheless, this movie is totally worth watching the 4th time because of the gayaness of em driving and of course for the rides.

Unfortunately, i couldn't stay awake to finish the entire movie. Loved the dialougues in this one. Besides that, all i can remember was that Josh Hartnett was running around the streets half naked for the first half an hour in the movie?

Absolutely LOVED this one. Never had the chance to catch it when it was in cinemas.

I'm kinda on the fence for this one, didn't really like it but i don't hate it either. Didn't find the plot amusing but it was an easy going and fun to watch movie. Some parts of it were really corny and funny yet freaky though O_O. Talk about freaky ex girlfriends man. Uma Thurman wasn't as hot as i've expected her to be in this one but still hot.

I don'tthink i''ll ever dislike any Adam Sandler movies, and this is definitely one that i would love to watch over and over again. Yeen said i was cold blooded because i didn't cry at the end...but she couldn't seee the tears at the corner of my eyes that time :P

The only dissapointing thing was we didn't get to watch any horror movies and scream together like the previous marathon. NVM! The next one is gonna be better!!! right girls?

I think im becoming more and more boring in my entries.

I forgot my camera so there are no shots of us eating pasta, chilling in the room and messing up Yeen's damn big bed. >.< That is why i have to put up some movie posters in this entry to make it look more complete.

(p/s) Yeen, please send me the pics as soon as you get you ass back from penang. *rwar* oh i meant, Yeen dearie, could you please be so kind just to upload the lovely pictures we snapped the other day on your camera to your computer and send them to me? Please and Thank you O=)

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