health issues

something is wrong with me.

After one an a half hours of touble and stressing at the Main block, i went up to Starbucks PBD and finally got myself some internet connection. Bought a cup of cafe latte and when the barista went "what size do u want?" i couldn't even capture a single word uttered out from his mouth. Then it took me a few more seconds to answer him and i had a hard time handling him over the cash. I was so fidgety. Hands and feet were so cold and i felt like i was going to collapse any second. My head still hurts and now the pain has been transfered to inner part of my right ear. I don't know how can i describe the pain in my ear but it's so hard to bear with. I feel as if my drums were being torn apart or there is something in my ear slowly biting the insides of it. How long will this pain last? It's taking up all my energy and i couldn't even concentrate in class earlier today. I'm making the people around me worried about my health and i seriously hate having to trouble them. ergh.

What the hell is wrong with me? I've been sick for the longest time and I'm not getting well but feeling worse than ever.

Crap la this pain.....this painn....*screams*

hmm...didn't even realise Jaclyn Victor and a few other people was sitted opposite me all this while at Starbucks until she got up and left.

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