happy deeparaya

To all those celebrating Deepavali and Hari Raya..well...


i've finally settled the problem with my internet connection at home. Thank you Mr streamyx guy who-promised-to-come-fix-my-connection-on-friday-and-called-at-10am-saying-that-you-were-on-your-way-
but-somehow-only-reached-my-house-on-saturday =)

Btw for those of you who know where i live, Mr Streamyx man came from Kelana Jaya.

Awesome service right? *nods in agreement*


*cue for emo music*

Got that ear of mine checked and according to the doctor, i'm currently suffering from MILD inflamation of my inner right ear. It bleeds whenever i sleep, i could actually feel the blood flowing out from my ear...and I've been waking up to dry blood on my right ear O_O but nvm the doctor said it was MILD. (note the sarcasm)

Anyways, the pain has subsided but i'm partially deaf now..hope it won't be for long.
It feels so weird speaking now because i can't gauge my volume...it's especially frustrating when i say something and i don't get a reaction from others because they can't hear me when i think i'm loud enough.

It feels even weirder listening to others because i can't hear properly. So people, please do speak a tad louder around me these few days and please don't think i'm being rude if i happen to not give u any response when u talk to me.

sigh. I hate it when i start to talk emo stuff on my blog...i don't like my blog turning into some emo blog...=(

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