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Today was nice. i got to splurge...and save. I found stuff i wanted and daddy was in a good mood.

i love double boiled soup. The flavours, the aroma from it, the ingredients, colours, the presentation of gets me high. sharksfins, abalone, mushrooms, scallops, herbs, chicken all put together in a lil coconut shell and double boiled till perfecto. That was what i had with lunch. yummmm...

Looking worse than ever, my skin is in a horrible condition and those *^$&^@&$#^$ on my face are no more pimples, they now qualify for being known as acne. damn.

I've made promises to myself.

I will stay away from make up as long as i can until i really need to look presentable
I will drink more water not more as in 2 glasses instead of 1...but more as in 8 glasses instead of 3
I will try to sleep earlier (the time is 443 am)
I will stay away from chicken, prawns, food with black sauce to avoid scaring on my face.

i have to...because i look so bad that during my last visit to Starbucks, my brother told me to sit @ this table


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