How is work?

I bet that must be the question lingering in the heads of most my dear friends who still come by my blog.

Work has been *drumroll*


I can't begin to tell you how much in love with my job am I. No I am not being sarcastic. My standard answer to whoever who asks is "Challenging but fun, learning a lot from the experience".

My typical day at work would be

Waking up at 630 to 7, morning meeting/training/pep talk from 8 to 1030 then I'll be on my own to either make phone calls, go for appointments or go door to door networking. I meet on average 4 to 5 new people a day so I am still not bored of this job yet. though having more sales would make me LOVE this job even more. On some days, I would travel from DU to Kelana to Mid Valley to Taman Desa and back to Kelana. On other days I would spend my whole day at like Jaya/ Puchong and meet with the bosses in that area.

Working has definitely change me as a person. I can't believe I'm doing all these things that I've always been so uncomfortable doing - going up to strangers and basically just PR-ing with whoever I meet. Despite all the running around, I do get discouraged every now and then and would sink in my depression from rejection, confusion and tiredness but I monitor my negative thoughts like all the time now. Gotta stay away from em before they become permanent in me!

Btw baybee and I just celebrated our 4year3months anniversary =) and I super heart his surprise heeeeeeeee heeeeee heeeeeeeee ;) hair sucks, seriously.

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