I'm Going To The Gatsby Deodorant Street Fair!

I'm a sucker for crowds..big crowds because I love being around people. Get me to concert and you'll see me all hyped up. Get me to a bazaar and I'll be even happier because I could shop while enjoy being in the presence of awesome people.

Bah talking about this is making me miss events like Urbanscapes, Sunburst and the most recent one I've been to..St Pats!

picture stolen from my awesome boss Timothy.

One thing in common about these events are that they are in the outdoors. I don't normally enjoy being in the outdoors but somehow or rather I'm rarely disappointed with the outdoor events I've attended so far, sometimes even the unexpected downpour would potong stim a lil but I still enjoy myself very much at events like this.

I wish I brought my camera to St Pats so I would have more to post up :( But for now, I could only steal from the few people whom I snapped pictures with.

Something in common that I like about these outdoor events is Live music.

Eugene the rocker

It's always therapeutic to feng tao to some awesome songs. I try my best to layan any type of music, heck I was even screaming and trying to move to some of the lousy songs at Hennessy Artistry this year. I'm quite universal when it comes to music but I'm starting to appreciate songs with good lyrics more.

Most of the awesome outdoor events also have vendors displaying interesting items on sale. I love bargain hunting for artsy fartsy crap which explains the mess I have in my room. (I'm supposed to clean it :( )

picture stolen from @andygts

Oh and food! I've had some of the most awesome food at Urbanscapes and this lamb burger from Bull Dog Jestina and I had at St Pats was not too bad either. However, I really really wanted the Jarrod & Rawlins's Guiness Beef Stew with Mash that was sold out by the time I got there T_T. I could use some right now seeing how I waited for more than an hour for dinner tonight and walked out of the restaurant because I got sick of waiting!

As happening as any event may be, it's the people I go with who makes things better (or worse).

I'm thankful for having friends and colleagues who are so much fun to be around! *loves*

One thing though about attending any outdoor events is the tendency to sweat. I'll always be in sleeveless to avoid nasty underarm sweat stains but I'm also in dilemma especially when it comes to taking pictures because I have fat flabby arms.

I used to be able to cover my arms with my mane but not anymore since my hair is short. -__- So i guess the only solution would be to use antiperspirant. Can't seem to find one that actually works for me because I get immune to them with use.

Did i also mention that I've an extremely sensitive nose that enables me to detect the slightest traces of bad bad BO..unfortunately. This is inevitable especially in outdoor events in Malaysia..so poor me and my nose.

Speaking of body odour, I wonder if this Gatsby range is good though? It's only for men right? o_O Have yet to find out about the product but seems to me that they're having a street fair this coming April 17th at the front foyer of Berjaya Times Square from 10 to 5PM. Is the street fair for ladies as well? Don't discriminate us females can?

I want to go grab some cool gadgets and participate in the lucky draw for RM15,000 can? Or at least watch some silly dudes sumo wrestle in air bag suits and fight gladiator style *giggles*

Sounds like heaps of fun and something I'd enjoy. Plus point of this event is prolly less people with bad BO seeing it's organized by Gatsby hahaha! I sure hope they'd give out samples that day so it would be a pleasant smelling event. We shall smell see about that.


Huai Bin said...

Har! I must put on deodorant then.

Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

(Huai Bin) LOL I'm still trying to search for the perfect antiperspirant :P

Simon Seow said...

So clash, so clash lol now that Project Alpha is running.

Michelle Zyenn Teh said...

(Simon) What so clash wor?? hahaha :P

§pinzer said...

Too many events happening, gah! Hope to bump into you somewhere... then again, i know we're bound to bump into one another la. small world =.=

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