My Colleagues @ work

Brought my camera to work one day and just snapped around.

Sadly, my camera was low on battery and the office was quite empty so there were very little pictures snapped.

Jestina & Karen

I bug Jestina the most whenever I'm lost... and sometimes even when I'm not. She calls me camel because I (supposedly) drink alot of water but I somehow can't relate to the name yet.

Karen is my buddy buddy at work. We started about the same time and she's really fun to be around.

Rina & Nicki

It was Nicki's last day at work for her internship that day so Rina was giving her a big hug. Gonna be missing Nicki's presence but we'll meet again during movie screenings. Rina is Tim's ever reliable sexytary ( I remember Nat using this term b4 so I'm crediting her for it!).

For those of you reading who don't know already, I'm working at Nuffnang now and @ nuffnang, we are called nuffies.

Teddy on my desk
I use this teddy as my wrist rest. The right leg of this teddy is perfect to be used as a wrist rest.

More next time k?

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