suicide bombers, leng luis and health issues

boy am i loving the new semester.

i get 3 days of classes and 4 days off. I'm becoming lazy thanks to that.

Nope, haven't settled down since the holidays to seriously get some work done eventhough i had my first presentation of the semester today. The aim of the whole presentation was to make it super short but concise and i think our group managed to do that.

Spent the late afternoon watching The Kingdom with the precious today.

Despite the annoyingly loud festive background music of the restaurant and the french/german/greeek subtitles of the movie, I still managed to really FEEL the movie and the message behind it. It's prolly cos of the "heated" debate regarding suicide bombing we've been having in forensic psych classes that got me interested in watching the movie. Some of the scenes were really heart wrenching ahhhh!

Don't wanna start emo bemo-ing about the movie now.

I'm considering signing up for dance classes again. It was many many years back since my last dance/fitness lesson and i sorta kinda miss it. We'll just see how motivated i am...hee

About 3 in the morning today, i prepared myself lunch because i needed to save money/keep a healthier lifestyle.

and look at the end result, it's so pretty i cannot resist snapping a picture of it.

Cherry tomatoes are super addictive don't u think? the round container in wrapped in the aluminium foil is my salad dressing. and my egg looks retarded because it cracked while i was boiling it hard some of the egg white sorta leaked out from the crack and thats why i'm only left with 70% of the original egg.

I was damn excited to eat my lunch hahahahaha

Been sometime since i last camwhored. wee check out my non existent eye bags hahahaha

Not very confident lately because i find that my smile is getting more n more retarded thanks to my teeeeth. my bunny teeeth.


Something happened in class today.

Tiffany, FungMin and i got into a war.

Because of....butterfingers.

not just ordinary butterfingers but butterfingers sent from our beloved Queens MingZi & Melissa all the way from Edinburgh. Fuyohh!

The fight was worth it hahahha!

i attempted to smuggle the rest of the cookies home and hid it under my shawl but too bad it was noticed by evil tiffany!

We'll be having the other flavours next week hee heee...that is if fungmin won't "forget" to bring it to class on purpose :P!

ahh don't you just love the queens :) its so sweet of them to send us some gifts to celebrate our new semester and 3rd year psych student status.


By the way i just watched this on Hitz Tv. My brother and i couldn't stop laughing. Like, Seriously!

If you've never heard of this, watch it!!

Caprice -Leng Lui

my comment on the song... wannabe weih. Don't like how parts of the lyrics are so original. super cheesy but i guess it's catchy? though the "rockers" would say its total crap.

"I'm leng lui, so so naughty...

ngo hai lei, come check my body...."

how on earth does "ngo hai lei" fit in the lyrics? unless it means something else besides "I am You"

my comment on the vid... Very super wannabe la. Some of the girls have that bitchy look, which is hawttttt hahahaha, i like ;)

...but the dancing part was hmm...ok the be fair, some of them CANnnn la...but some...cannot hahaha!

overall not too bad for a local production yeah?

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