too! oh! oh! eh-ate!

*runs to kontradikcion slow mo style with "colors of the wind" playing in the background*

erm............................... hi?

hahaha its been awhile, but what can i say? i guess i lost interest in blogging? even going online...surfing, blog hopping and chatting.

i can now survive days without switching on the lappie.

oh my.

btw if you bothered, my header is no longer temporary due to my lack of creativity.

i am working on something....but it is without a goal or expectations, just going with the flow... i don't know..somehow i don't wanna start setting goals and shit and risk jinxing the whole project. if ya know what i mean....which u probably don't.

The last few days of TOO! Oh! Oh! Seh-Ven!,

Went shopping with erinn! wait...window shopping for me, shopping for her. Boo! finally got to meet up after countless attempts of planning and shit.


i finally met up with some of my good ol buds from DJ. Haha neither of us changed much. especially the one who just got back from Brissie...still the same ol girl i knew since form 1. The ohter one however, has matured alot. Feel very proud of her...hey someone is gonna be buying her own car with her own cash yo! hehehe!

I don't wanna grow up.........

I am still waiting for pictures from them so i can at least decorate my blog a lil. *cough cough*

New years' eve was nice :)

new years day was nice too.

so was the second day of the new year.



(damn annoying to read right? lol)

something else i'm trying to work on here in my anger management. Honestly after since driving, I've became more vulgar and so not lady like. Some drivers are so.....just pissing me off and some... just hopeless. Not to say I'm a very good driver myself but I'm trying to be a nice one. Thank god they don't include gadgets like those of inspector gadget in our vehicles...else i'll be squirting oil (my car, not me) all over the ground ...shooting at annoying aunties who steal people's parking and extending my 6 feet long electronic arms to slap those lame road bullies.

I am so lazy.

and this entry will end ever so abruptly once again because the noises those horny cats are making somewhere out there is freaking me out. For goodness sake, get a soundproof room u horny cats!

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