99 Steakhouse|1920|La Manila|Coliseum

Was looking through my albums and found some nice pictures =)

Baybee brought me to this cozy lil place for dinner one night.

Reasonably priced food that actually taste pretty good. Me likey.

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I so miss my black nails. Will be painting em soon hur hur hur!

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Overly excited over the menu =)

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My awesome burger! Loved loved loved the texture of the bun!

While we're staring at food. Lets have more random food pictures in my album.

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Salmon Pizza (forgot the actual name) The ones in Souled Out were nicer

Taken at 1920@1 Utama. Another place i love to eat at because of their awesome pasta and my 20% off card. (i am such an aunty)

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Cordon Bleu (Automatically reminds me of grace)

This one was taken at Coliseum KL. They've been running the place since forever. My parents & grandparents use to eat there.

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Granny's Birthday Cake from La Manilla

One of the oldest cake shops in Petaling Jaya. The cakes there are A W E S O M E.

Looking at the food pictures, i'm reminded of how I'm supposed to be on a STRICT DIET to lose weight. =( I love my food too much.

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