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Will i be seeing you there?

Woot! just got them tickets TODAY with baybee at Early Bird rate cos alot of people are reselling em. Apparently, people are upset at the artist line up. I would go crazy if coldplay were to come but nvm, will settle with whoever's coming. I just hope pharell will be coming and not just either one of his guys from NERD. And i really wanna hear "Maybe" being played live.

And also KORN, was never a fan but that was the DECIDING factor for baybee and i to get our tickets. haha! Not a big fan but would be thrilled to watch em perform live.

Can't wait!

As for the other artists...I don't really know alot of them so i'm downloading a few of their songs. Starting with Erykah Badu.

(listening to Erykah Badu)

mmmm...I've got a bad feeling about this...its a lil annoying..

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Fly a kite?


I've lost touch with the current music scene already, i used to have over 4000 songs in my lappy and i would always be blasting em when I'm using my lappy but after the "big crash" which made me lose all of em, I've kinda lost interest in building my song library. le sigh.


The crazy food prices these days are making me eat in nowadays. I just can't bring myself to spend 10 bucks on a mango smoothies no more. Or even 6 bucks for a measly little serving of sauteed mushrooms (no matter how freaking good they taste). Prices are getting worse and worse (or am i getting poorer and poorer)

Speaking of getting poorer i was telling baybee how upset i felt about my purchase from Watson today.

I was telling him many years back i used to use the 30bucks ____

then it was too expensive for me so i turned to the 16.90 ____ few years back

but today, because I'm that poor I bought the 5.90 for 3 ____

heck i spent about 10 minutes trying to get the best deal by comparing the 5.90 for 3 or 7.90 for 5 pack. But i picked the 5.90 for 3 one because i didn't wanna spend more cash today.

I was telling him how i should be using 50 bucks ___s for now since I'm supposed to be advancing towards a better life.

Damn I'm broke.

What was it i bought?

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