Well basically, the layout is still the same.

I've never really like patterned or textured backgrounds but i gave in because I've been stuck with my white bg for centuries and its starting to bore me! hee hee hee

*double peace sign*

Goodness I've been procrastinating this change for ages and the last time i actually updated my archives was in August 2008 =(

I is shame shame.

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I love food.

And what gave me the drive to change this layout properly was because of streamyx lousy connection that disrupted my Gem of life downloads. I'm so outdated i know (currently stuck at episode 48).

Catching up with the drama now and my favourite character in the show so far is Calvin.

I admire his ability in building up his business with practically nothing to start with. Respect. Thats why i was a lil emo last night watching the part where he might face bankruptcy and the drama with Sylvia...i even had to pause for a mo to call baybee.

Yeap so that's what i've been up to, series after series of drama and i feel really stupid.

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I managed to peel a whole apple at one go.

Stupid because I haven't been using my brain lately. I feel as if I've never gotten my degree and i still cannot believe i wrote my thesis. It looks pretty impressive to the less smarter me okay haha!

Please excuse the bimbo in me.

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TTOC@ UrbanAttic Capsquare

In having a situation here now.

My comp is desperately lacking of space.

I can't even run my photoshop anymore because of the lack of space O_O

Looking at my program list. I'm thinking if i should deleted SPSS from my comp. It's not like i will be using it often anymore..should i? should i not? I feel that keeping it makes me feel a lil more like i was a student once.


Will you pinjam me your spss when i need it in future?

WTH? My disk space is so limited i can't even uninstall SPSS!

*super frustrated*

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my dears shan & aza

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Vatsala left.bye bye.

I am loving the big ass pictures. and i think I'm gonna be more active in kontradikcion now that i have a brand new layout.

Peace peace peace

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