spent the whole night of last thursday cutting through 2 inch thick Styrofoam boards, messed up my hall big time and i had to do alot of vacuuming. Finally done with everything and slept at 4....AHhhhhh

then today, i thought of finishing up what i started. Insteadd i made things worse by re-cutting, "buffering", painting and all and i end up spending the whole afternoon + evening on that stupid board again.


i got so unhappy when i accidentally ruin what i've done because of my carelessness i almost wanted to go out and buy a new board to start all over. Thank god i managed to save it.

but i guess the end result is not too bad though i expected it to be better.

at least i got something done...

but still, damn pissed for no apparent reason...


i'm done bullshitting for now.

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