this was saved as draft from few days back

it should be about 5 am now but i'm not sleeping yet.

Slept from 6 to 9, wasted time from then to 1, researched, worried, worked and wasted more time until now.

Just when you thought you have your trial runs settled... have crazy lab bookings to settle...

Then you realize your venues booking were not available because they were being confirmed to another fella booking the same venues at the same time on the same day who actually made his/her bookings AFTER yours. You spotted that their booking was 4 or 5 spots after yours.

Then you start to wonder y were you being treated unfair

You would argue but you weren't at the scene to confront the administrator who took your bookings.

Then you made bookings for different venues and finally got it

And just when you thought you had everything settled before running the experiment

you start having problems with arranging times with helpers and getting their confirmation

So you go about begging every other potential friend who could help

Then you realise there have been other parties who have approached your potential helpers

So you put that aside and focus on something else....

And that is when you find out you don't even have freaking enough ppl to participate in your study!!!

Only 2 signed up?!?! 2! When we need 80!!!

78 more credit seekin psych undergrads we need in 2 and a half more days

So you try to turn your focus to something else

And thats when you realise you have another poster thats supposed to be done with before colloquium week! That would total up to 2 posters and 1 display model due in 1 and a half weeks time to do list in my phone shows

10 more items not done.

All these 10 items have to be completed within the next 3 weeks.

So how?




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