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12 pm sharp, i was being kidnapped by 2 brutal/mean/annoying/crazy/retarded kidnappers. The best part? i had to give my address, and directions to my house to the kidnapper to come and Nab me..ha. ha.

Went back to the old school to collect some crap. Walked around school like a jakun because i was snapping pictures everywhere i went. so what? :P Met some teachers, some look the same, some look Horribly different ( i.e. Pn Chen...yes that BM teacher) some look different, but in a good way ( i.e. Pn Daljit...yes that English teacher) Thus, proving once again that HAIR really makes a bigass difference in the way people look. Pn Daljit's curly locks make her look more like her age now hehe, she used to have LONG straight hair and she ties em up real high into a ponytail. Chen however, is a straightened head now but she doesn't suit that straightened head look. nononono.


There are a few changes in Dj since the last time i came back, which was sometime in March 2005 where donkee and i met for the first time ( to donkee : u remember?? O_O *poke*), Im sure we've bumped into each other back in DJ but it was only after Highschool when we MET.

answer at end of post

They've got a whole new selection of food now but I wasn't allowed to eat -__-. This uncle in the canteen kept trying to get us to buy food from his stall.

GIRLS!!! dont look there! look here!!!
*not bothered*
HEY!! *ordering tone* i told u all to look here! that menu is old one!! this is is new. Don't look there!! Look here!! or u all can look at me also if u all want to!!
wtf? *sweat sweat sweat*

Went by the toilet just to check out the condition of it, didn't enter it though. I never noticed these signs by the toilet. But the toilets don't seem anymore ceria compared to a few years ago. Hmmmm oh well..

i think this is an awesome way to build up of the vocab of em Djians :)

The board is located near the canteen area.

After leaving school..

we got all these...

and watched this...

which, btw is one of the lamest thrillers I've ever watched. Very Pancung ending.

ooh I'm starting to substitute "potong" with "pancung" and "shit" with "chart".
"pancung" will be used when the situation is potongX100000000.
"chart" however, will be used to replace "shit" cos everyone else uses shit.

Had a mini Belated birthday celebration for Robbstar ( robbstar, were u surprised?) and i amused Robbstar and Vatty with my story of how Yeen and i got the cakes *winks*

We had a mini-adventure around Yeen's place when she was out sending her sis to tuition. Yeen is gona kill me.

Watched a second movie when Yeen got back. The second movie ( Keeping Mum) was much better than the first one. Yeen kept saying this throughout the whole movie...

"She (the Mum in the movie) is like a more morbid version of Mary Poppins"
"She (the Mum in the movie) is like a more morbid version of Mary Poppins"
"She (the Mum in the movie) is like a more morbid version of Mary Poppins"
"She (the Mum in the movie) is like a more morbid version of Mary Poppins"
"She (the Mum in the movie) is like a more morbid version of Mary Poppins"

Yes, for at least 5 times. Haha. (Yeen will definitely kill me).

Left for 1u with that donkee and bought my brother his belated Birthday present. Im happy cos he loves it. Hmmm what else happened? oh yea thats about it and I'm gona end this post with a list of food I've been consuming the last week. Buhbye!

Monday - Chee Cheong Fun ( considered healthy la)
Tuesday - KFC Cheesy whatever Melts ( ERmmm)
Wednesday - McDonald's Nugget Set ( Ohhhh Kayyyy...O_O)
Thursday - Pizza Hut's Cheesy Bites Pizza ( OMG)
Friday - Dominos Pizza ( u so deserve to be fat zyenn ArgHHhh)

*faints*...(Halfway through fainting) btw, there were 15 snails in that pic.

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