my salt lamp and i

zyenn: i missed u bwog.

bwog : i missed u too.

zyenn: erm..yea

bwog : are u gona blog something today? u haven't been updating for quite some time.

zyenn: erm...i thought of it but i have so much to write i dont know where to start, kinda lazy.

bwog : oh..*ponders* have u been updating somewhere else? *sobs* why don't u love me no more? is it friendster? multiply? deviantart? xanga? tell me the truth *sobs* i thought i was your only one...

zyenn : No No!! it's not that...i still love mind is just blank and if i start bloggin something that is lame, people will start calling me the lame queen (people already started calline me that)...and...and i don't know...i think i've lost that blogging touch in me...getting lazy..again..

bwog : *cries* are u breaking up with me??? *cries*

zyenn: No silly!! i will never break up with u...just give me some time...

bwog : *calms down* promise mee??

zyenn: yes, i promise u bwog.

SO, since I've made a promise to my bwog to blog, here goes something totally random.

this was what I've been up to besides studying for exams and staying up late for assignments the last week.

the pics here are all free from editing :D

it all started when i saw this

sitting next to my television on the Tv rack...

i thought that the light this sexy thingy gives out is really pretty and very suitable for taking nice pictures. so yeah i grabbed my baby and snapped a few pics next to the salt lamp.

hehe self indulgent pics

isn't the salt lamp just purfect for cam whoring with? nyeheehe...i have another smaller one on my study desk and thats way cuter

these lamps dont only serve as decorations around the house no no they're no dumb-blonde kinda lights (errr). They give out negative ions that have positive effects on our spiritual, mental and physical well being. Apparently its being used to help people with asthma, allergies and other skin problems ooo and also help neutralize magnetic radiations around us. But most importantly they're pretty =) and they make my pics look good *grins*

see the difference they make?

before : doodles on paper under boring white light

after : doodles on paper near the salt lamp! PWEETEEEE *grins*

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