my special ability

After today and so many other similar situations...i can come to a strong conclusion that Gifted...

i believe I'm gifted with the "Gift" of being able to detect the lingering of BO around people faster than anyone else...

This gift of mine, I've been trying to hide not accept it, to ignore it...because i have always thought of it as a weakness of my dear self, instead of a strength.

But, from today onwards, I will hide no more, I will accept my destiny and will be known as the SuperDoinkee.

Such a shame i am to my fellow super hero buddies. .Batman, Superman, Wonderwoman...I have dissapointed all of you but please forgive me, for today, i will ACCEPT this gift of mine, i will join forces with you, my fello super heros. To fight against evil. To save humanity. In my case, I'll make sure humans won't die of suffering from BO.

YES, FREAKING BO emitted by the ignorant ones.

with great power comes great responsibilities

now i'll just have to start recruiting people to draw my comics and producers to produce a movie of myself to be a complete super hero. hee haw :P

( please..i have nothing against people who don't have a choice but to suffer from BO, BUT u could at least be more considerate for the people around u...I'm really considering carrying a disinfectant with me wherever i go...and if u really have no idea what BO stands's a hint)

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