Finally part of our Group Development assignment is done, the muffin and candy sale was a success and we had fun going around being all thick skin hehehe Thank you so so so so much people who bought the sweets and muffins from us!! :) Thank you all me fellow group members Tiffany, Vern May, Yien Yee, Pek Wah , Ming Zi, Fung Min , Grace.for working hard to get this project done too *group hug* u girls are the BomB!!

Haven't been blogging much lately because i've been busy (lazy) so i shall just update in point form yea?

  • had buffet @ cititel on sunday, apparently the place serves the cheapest buffet in town (oOoo) but i thought the food was Hawwibleee ( thats y so cheap la) dont ever go there.
  • They had a selection of cakes @ Cititel and i spent a few minutes figuring out the difference between their Banana chocolate cake, and chocolate banana cake.
  • spent the rest of sunday at Mid Valley,walked around the whole place, everywhere was on sale!!! but i didn't get nothing :(
  • I've been craving for alot of come-fat food. pizzas, carbonara, cheese baked rice anything cheesy.
  • Mood swings giler.
  • Feeling mellow most of the days, moodless...hmm
  • Was annoyed being greated so nicely when we were selling muffins by the new HMC president, couldn't believe how bitchy lovely she was :) such a princess :) i SINCERELY wish the new council all the best with their future projects. =) of course, i will also give in my SUPPORT whenever i can. such a lovely bunch of people, all of em look so good together, I'm sure they work well as a team too :)
  • 7 more assignments to be completed by the end of this semester and i have yet to start any. :(
  • Been going to college very EArLYYY the last few days cos of experiments and the muffin sale.
  • I need to get started with my asses like NOW. sigh sigh sigh....

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