what's your idea of a perfect kick start for the day???

lookin into the mirror and seein your hair all shiny and nice? skin all bright and glowing?



the perfect kick start for my day is

wakin up to a perfectly sore throat.

  • sore throat gives you an extra sexy voice
  • you dont eat as much when havin a sore throat thus less fat intake.
  • you dont talk as much, less arguing around the house.
  • you drink more water.
  • you feel more useles than ever.
  • you are not motivated to do any work.
  • you are not motivated to study whatever either.
  • you panic because exams are next week but you're still doing nothing about it.
  • you look so pathetic when trying to speak properly, drinking, eating.
  • you can only stare at chocolates.
  • you can only stare at other come-fat food.
  • you curse more.
so yeah my day has been perfect thanks to my sore throat :)

edited: u will also start blaming your sore throat for your lack of discipline

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