5 reasons why i blog

i dont feel well :(

I've been tagged by Melissa Ong Beng Tack the penang princess *winks* so here goes

five freaking reasons why i freaking rather blog than spend my time doing something else.

i'm gonna start with a brief history on how i got started with this "blog thingy"

I first started blogging back in 2004 and that was cos of the influence from the pioneer (to me) bloggers back in school, Michelle Lee and Suzzane. i could still remember after that...Ann started blogging, then pui ee...myself and pei shan...then soo wen...chien hui...laa..dee daa doom and the list goes on and on! Anyways yeah those were the first few people i know who influenced me to start blogging.

Back in F5, i remember writing about stupid stalkers...i posted alot of random pictures to fill my blog up, open day in Dj, the Dj carnival where my class sold bubble tea...sigh those were the good old days. But guess what? i deleted my old blog. because of many reasons. but mainly cos i wasn't very comfortable knowing some people i don't like reading what i was writing about. so virginzcrib.blogspot.com closed down sometime in 2005. Since then i realised so many others started blogging and i found it really nice to read blogs of those who don't know well in life. Reading some of my friend's blogs never fail to make me feel so amazed by some of them (in good and bad ways). Besides that i really admire some of the blogger friends i know because i never knew they were so creative in writing or designing or whatever! But one thing i cannot stand are those wannabes who like to imitate others or copy whatever other bloggers have to their own blogs....not cool.

Blogging was like a disease or something and it got back to me also because...i dunno i just wanted to give it a try *squints*...Again. So started kontradikcion back in March 06 and here i am doing a tag for the bloggie now...yay. (pss bloggie's gonna b a year old soon).

back to the tag.

1) i blog because it's cool to blog. *flips hair* bloggers are cool and those who don't blog can only stalk them. mwahaha.

2) i blog because it feels nice to read back on some of my thoughts, feelings from the past.

3) i blog because i think blogging helps me explore my erm creativity? helps me build my sense of self okay. *giggles*

4) i blog because i like the idea of having an imaginary audience :D

5) i blog because i can just say whatever i want to about anything that i'm not happy about... vaguely.

can i add one more?

i blog because i want to share my joy and pain with the visitors of this page. :D

somehow, i feel some of the people i tag are always very reluctant to do the tags...they either comprain or post in their blogs how much a painnn is it to do tags :P *cough cough* therefore...i tag those who will never ever do the tags to end this chain! *evil laugh*

i tag the owners of
1) xiaxue.com
2) kennysia.com
3) xanga.com/kinkybluefairy
4) trent.blogspot.com (pink is the new blog)
5) dawnyang.com

so people go check out their sites and see if they'll do the tags yea?

*rolls off to bed*

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