Friendly friendly friendsters

Look what came in the mail..

Hi sis! I'm XXXX 19 female Mexican Latina Hispanic girl.......
I'm half Sri Lankan Portugese mixed also !
i lov horse riding!
im an equestrienne girl , a circus horse riding ballerina and escaramuza- latina horsewoman.
read my profile and PLEASE SEND ME UR MSN MESSENGER ADDY / ID so i can add u to it and we can chat there soon k?
ill add u!
ttu soon tc........k?
ps- u r very pretty , lovely sense of fashion and wud lov 2 b ur equestrienne penpal! i come to Malayasia, Singapore and Brunei alot so next time i come we can go equestrian horse riding k sis? we girls can just whip and whip and lash the damn horses and be cruel equestrienne horse riding pricness sisters! yay!

ooo so ganas *squints*........ROFL

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