i think i better update something here just in case y'all think i'm dead or something.

i shall thoroughly update u all about my life through the integrative approach yea?

for none psych people, this is an example of how we, psychologist *cough* analyze our case studies..and in future, our patients...but of course it's better done than this la.

biological perspective.
- ze person suffers from a genetic predisposition to stress therefore when she is more prone to become very stressed up in stressful situations so ze muka of ze person is not exactly the most pleasant thing on earth right now(ie when the asses are due).
- ze person also suffers from lack of sleep but somehow, she thinks she is immune to it already. proof - no headaches even without a day's sleep.

psychological perspective.
- ze person's id wants to watch the dvd's she pinjamed from her bf who pinjamed it from his best bud but her superego tells her she should be doing her assignments, there u have it - intrapsychic conflict to the max.

want another example? ze person's superego tells her that she shouldn't be going for sleepovers during ASS period but the id wants to go...the Id won so she was at sook yeen's place last weekend with soo wen and vat watching movies instead of doing assignments.

socio-cultural perspective.
-ze person's friends and herself are all very semangated to sign up for experiments because of extra credit. attended 2 and a half hours of experiments last tuesday.
- ze person's friends are all equally stressed out also...i guess. so being with them also increases the stress levels in ze person. o=)

Family-systems perspective.

- granny is always naggin. always. today she said something funny.

she was telling me about mum studying at UTAR back in the 70's-80's then she went...

so long time ago..u weren't even born yet!

me: she haven't even gotten married to daddy of course i wasn't even born yet la...-__-


-skipped service last week cos of the sleepover...*squints*
-whatever happens, i know i still have my anchor of life to rely on....:D

i think if i were to hand that up to serena/ng, i would have gotten a 3/15 for it..:P

anyways the lappy is back but the internet is not working. not because of the line but because i lost the password for my wireless so i can't use the net from my laptop...unless i plug in the line which is connected to my pathetically slow desktop.

so i was looking through some of the pictures in my lappy, ya know upload some stuff to brighten up the dull post...so here goes!

*in sarcastic tone* Yay~

in case u didn't get it.

I LOST ALL MY PICTURES FROM 2007 JAN till MARCH. and these are all the pics i have in my lappy.

one more announcement.

kontradikcion is officially a year old!!!!
you kontradikting lil thingy! come here you! *gives bloggie a huge bear hug*

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