He got second!

*clears throat*

excuse me ya'll i've got an announcement to make...


CLICK THIS to enlarge further!!!

check out the prints in white at the bottom of that page....

uh huhh

recognise the name?

YES. *nods in excitement*

HE WONNnnnnnnnnnnnnNnnnnnnnnnn! even though its second place but i'm so proud of him! ALl the hard work finally paid off huh donkee? i remember even kena-ing from him when i spotted a mistake in his printed layout bleak!!! *squeeze donkee hard and poke poke poke* :)

Heck, the first place layout and the one that got third was done in pairs...cheh cheh cheh!! *sticks tongue out and booos at the rest* HEHEhehhehe just kidding. the other designs are not bad also la... :D but donkee beat them all flat with only 2 layouts when the others had 4 *evil laugh*

ok enough talking just go check out the site and see for yourselves!

go to "showcase" "2007" and then "sloggi" but before that...go HERE!!!

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