Just a lil reminder to myself whenever i log into blogger and try to update this page.

To the none psych people, just when u thought your course sucks, have a look at this.

Assignment check list and due dates.

PSY 213 Personal assignment 1 - 16th March
Psy 209 Assignment 1 - 19th March
PSY 204 Adolescent Issues Literature Review - 22nd March
PSY 213 Group Assignment - 23rd March
PSY 209 Log Book - 27th March
PSY 206 Presentation - 1th April
PSY 204 Presentation - 1th April
PSY 203 Literature Review - 2nd April
PSY 206 Literature Review - 6th April
PSY 213 Personal Assignment 2 (reflection paper) - 6th April
Colloquium reviews - 9th April
PSY 209 Assignment 2 - 10th April

Besides that, i have
- quizzes every Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays
- case studies due every Tuesdays
- Mentoring activities every Saturday

- Tutorial tasks for 2 Wednesdays.

All these is more than sufficient a reason for me to look like shit and not blog so often. Yeah?

*bigass sigh*

Went to the zoo last saturday..snapped alot of pics of animals but they will all look so bleh if i upload them just like that.

i unconsciously went "YESH!!" when i snapped this.

"Let me outta here you animals!"

"stop chasingggggg after me!"

"Why go for plastic surgery when u can just work on some make up skills, fancy my high bridged nose?"

as u can see i like to make them stare straight into the cam hee hee *peace*

Oh btw if you're wondering, lappie is still in ICU. =~( all my data is gone...gone...i'm using the desktop now. and i'm very much annoyed by it's speed thank you.

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